Calendars with your branding



Calendar "Luxury 3 Months", final size 32.6 x 74.5 cm, in four languages, background printed in 4 x 0 inks, offset; paper: primcartulina 18 pts, 1 / c, sheets of the months: three blocks of 12 sheets in superbond paper of 90 gr, printed in 2 x 0 inks. The sheets of the months are glued to the calendar and finished with staples on top. White box with 1 x 0 ink printing. With pdf via mail, positives / negatives / ctp, paper, printing, stamping, perforation, staples, mounting, description sheet, red plastic indicator window with transparent tape and spring, finishing and quality control.

Minimum order: 300 pieces. Production time: 15 business days, Shipping time: 5-7 business days (times may vary due to COVID-19).

Please send your information, brand identity, as well as design details to Tania Pérez to make a virtual proposal.

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